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Master Gardeners Summer BBQ June 14th at Bob Martin’s

Good food, good friends and good fun was had by all as we celebrated the summer in Bob Martin’s beautiful outdoor garden. Thank you Bob!



Summer Workshop 2017 Niagara Parks School of Horticulture

The past MG summer workshop was well attended and enjoyed great July weather. Three courses were offered: Creating Gardens (A Designers Approach), The Carolinian Zone and Urban Agriculture. Our instructors were Darren Schmahl, NPD, Darrell Bley, Instructor/Curator of Woody Plants and Kris J.Mahoney, PhD. Thanks to June Streadwick and Yvonne Causer for organizing this years event. We had a terrific weekend, made some new friends and learned something new at the same time.


Hospice Niagara Gardens 2017

Karen, Barb and Alan completed the refurbishment of the Hospice Niagara Gardens.  Great job fellow masters!

Past Events

Master Gardeners of Niagara deliver gardening information to the public at various events throughout the year.


Hands on Horticulture: Niagara School of Horticulture


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